Network Focused Design

Network Focused Design is an innovation method to help you
discover possibilities for smart product and service integration.


Do you feel the need to make sense of the overwhelming potential uses of data?
Do you want to reveal where the true value lies for your customer and stakeholders?
Do you want to adopt the right mindset to take advantage of the latest smart technologies?
Then Network Focused Design could be something for you.

What is Network Focused Design?

Network Focused Design is an innovation method to help you discover possibilities for smart product and service integration. Through tailor-made creative workshops and masterclasses you will put product design, marketing principles and network theories into practice together within a multi-disciplinary team. The workshops follow a structured process in which your team is guided step by step by a qualified NFD facilitator. Depending on your set out goal, the results of a workshop vary from new rough ideas and explorations to detailed concepts and solid tasks to take further into development.

Phase 1

Exploring opportunities in the network

The first phase aims at understanding the context of the problem, idea or situation. You will be guided to put yourself in the shoes of your customers, your partners or other organisations to reveal the valuable relationships among them. By doing this you and your team will be plotting a network. During the process you will use techniques from design and customer research. The goal of this phase is to explore opportunities within the network. These opportunities will be used as input for the second phase.

Phase 2

Turning opportunities into smart concepts

The second phase aims at generating as many smart product-service ideas as possible. You and your team will be guided to push your creative limits. In this phase you will choose the most promising idea, and detail it further considering the holy triangle of business, design and technology. The goal of this phase is to have one concrete concept including an action plan to take the concept to the next level.

Network Focused Design is intended for…

research & development teams

creative entrepreneurs


innovation managers

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Workshop specs

A NFD workshop takes place…
  • in a 12h timeframe divided over 2 days
  • together with your colleagues
  • with experts in business, design and technology
  • at your own company or an inspiring external location
The results of the workshop are…
  • customer insights through a customer journey
  • identified opportunities in your network
  • ideas for smart products and services
  • one detailed smart concept
  • action plan for further development

Masterclass specs

A NFD masterclass takes place…
  • in a 2h timeframe
  • consisting of a 1h lecture and a 1h mini-workshop
  • at your own company or an inspiring external location
The results of the masterclass are…
  • having NFD explained to your whole team
  • having tasted from NFD in practice
  • having your team energized, ready for innovation

Upcoming & past events

These companies already innovated with NFD

Top Vision, AG5, Monskeys, Fresh Idea Factory, Maiken Systems, Q+P Communicatie, Veth Carrosseriefabriek


Booreiland is a Dutch strategic interaction design studio that combines business, design and technology to create premium interactive products. The company is stationed in Amsterdam and works on both client assignments and its own projects. Amongst its clients are Philips, Wacom, ABN Amro, KLM, TU Delft, ING, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Stibbe, Rituals and Max Havelaar.


Meta Products

This book was written for anyone who wants to design successful solutions for our connected world. The book talks about the phenomenon of Meta Products, and also lays out the fundamentals of Network Focused Design.

Foreword by Mike Kuniavsky and contributions of many experts from both commercial and academic worlds, such as TNO, Philips Research, Umeå University, MIT, University of Oxford and Delft University of Technology.

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75 Tools For Creative Thinking

Consisting of an iPhone and iPad app and a physical box set, the 75 Tools For Creative Thinking family stimulates your creative thinking in various stages of any process or situation where new ideas are desired. Being applicable to a diverse range of professions and situations, 75 Tools For Creative Thinking suits anyone who is interested in exercising and improving his or her creativity.

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